My love of photography deepened on the valley floor of Yosemite while working in the darkroom of the master Ansel Adams, and it was through the further inspiration of creative vision-aries Weston, Penn, Stieglitz. and Strand and their work in the fine art of platinum photography. that I was drawn to my medium. Using the historic platinum/palladium/gum over process, with hand-mixed and hand-coated emulsions. I am able to create unique archival prints with a delicate tonal range.


Hand-pulled images can take up to 72 hours to create, beginning with a digital 35-mm negative, medium format film, hand coating the crafted paper from France, placing it into a light source, into the bathing process. then hanging. drying, resizing and drying a final time.
A living, breathing image comes to life and will continue to live on for over 100 years. It is my hope that my images will bring the viewer into a place of deep pleasure for years to come… and so it begins!